How long does it take to set up the Igloo?

    • Usually it takes less than an hour to set up our igloos which is way faster than a standard structured marquee.

    Does the igloo have more than one opening?

      • Yes, they do. This is to ensure that there is an additional emergency exit. It also serves the purpose of allowing an artist to make a grand entrance.

      How much does it cost to rent an igloo?

        Do you charge for delivery?

          • Yes. We do charge a standard delivery fee of SGD$25 after 9pm on weekdays. From 9am - 9pm, weekends & P.H, delivery fee is charged at SGD$50.

          Are there any charges for setup and teardown?

            • Yes. There is a service fee of SGD$300 for setup and teardown.

            How do I make payment?

              • We accept payments made via Paynow/Paylah to our mobile number +65 91804320. If you prefer to transfer via online banking or cheque, we can send our bank account details to you via whatsapp or email.  We kindly advise you to perform a test payment before transferring the full amount.

              Is a generator required?

                • Our igloos do not take up much power but require a power supply within close proximity. In the event there is no power supply near the venue/site, you may rent generators from https://gorental.sg at an affordable rate. If there’s anything extra you need, we will try our best to accommodate.

                What if it rains?

                  • No worries! Our Igloos are waterproof, thereby allowing your events to continue smoothly without disruptions. However, if the weather gets really severe (touch wood), we may have to move the time, date or even evacuate the igloo at your event.

                  Are the Igloos soundproof?

                  • Yes! They are soundproof to a good extent, making it a great sound insulator.

                  How much space do we need?

                    • A minimum space of 9 metres by 9 metres is needed to inflate our smallest igloo. If you’re unsure whether the venue/site has enough space, we are happy to come along and advise.

                    Do I have to book in advance?

                      • Our Igloos are popular, therefore it is advisable to book as early as possible. We will do our best to accommodate late bookings.

                      What if something is broken, damaged or missing?
                        • Full compensation may be required for missing, broken or damaged items.

                        Can I decorate your igloo for our events?

                          • We do allow decorations. However, we kindly advise to refrain from using items that can potentially damage our igloo.  We are happy to come along and discuss.

                          Are any licenses/permits required for hiring the igloo at our events?

                            • We are glad to inform that you do not need to apply for an Erect Temporary Building permit (BCA) which also means the hiring of a Professional Engineer (PE) is not required. However, you may have to apply other licenses/permits required by your venue operator.

                            What if my venue/site has a slope?

                              • A slight slope is nothing to worry about. A steeper slope may pose an issue to the marquee structure and may be uncomfortable for guests. We are happy to come along and advise.

                              Do your igloos come in different colours?

                                • Our white igloos come with built-in LED lights transitioning from red, blue, green, yellow etc. If you have a preferred colour, we can keep the LED lights controlled to the one colour you desire.

                                Can the igloos be used for other types of events besides the ones mentioned on your website?

                                  • Of course! That's the magic of our igloos!



                                      Does LushLife offer any refunds?

                                      • Yes. If our igloo in any way ruins or damages your event, we will offer a full refund and compensate for any damaged items.

                                      How do I receive my refunds?

                                      • Just whatsapp or email your mobile number/ bank account details to us and we will transfer accordingly.